Saturday, December 20, 2003
  Good, starve them out. It is so interesting how this whole post-Iraq thing is playing out. It is actually funny because it couldn't really have been scripted much better so far. We have taken out a major threat, established who our true allies are (Britain...Blair, Poland, and Japan particularly), at least one other major threat in the middle east is now kowtowing to the US and our anti-terrorism stance, our economy is ramped up and the new design for the WTC space is getting ready for construction. On top of it all, the UN is realizing that without the US's support, as well as that of our TRUE allies, they are truly nothing but an administrative body whose sole purpose is to justify their existence, positions and salaries. Heh....godbless the USA.
  I hate school. It is Saturday at 7:49 pm. It is less than one week before Christmas. I am done with classes for the semester. I am done with work for the next 10 days. What am I doing? Sitting on my ass at my computer doing a 10 page write up of an interview I did. It is due by tomorrow evening because I leave for vacation. I hate school right now. In fact, I despise and resent it. I should be out partying or chilling with a good movie/book and a few beers or some wine. Unfortunately I have another year and a half of being subserviant to the demands of higher education. BAH!  
Tuesday, December 09, 2003
  Hell's Hostility As old school and silly as this game is, I am hooked on it.
Hell's Hostility 
  As it SHOULD BE! HAH! Take that!
U.S. Bars Iraq War Opponents From Bidding  
  The Onion reports in on America's "working class" Pretty funny article over at The Onion - the socialistic overtones are good for a laugh or two. The money quote you ask?

"In a healthy capitalist economy, some people are going to be out-competed," Knoep said. "I'm sorry, but some of those fuck-ups have fucked themselves. I am not condoning an anarchic 'fuck or be fucked' ethos, but I can hardly get behind a welfare state that punishes the unfucked by fucking all equally."

  Everything is cyclical, right? It's about time.
Politics - Teens More Conservative on Some Issues 
Friday, December 05, 2003
  I R O N Y...... Music group Air Supply detained in Mexico for lack of work documents 
  Remember the woman who was "trampled" at Wal-Mart after Thxgiving? Yeah, guess what - turns out she has what I like to call "character issues".

What a loser. 
Thursday, December 04, 2003
  An interesting voice of reason and rationality in the EU? Yup. And not by an insignificant person...
IHT: Berlusconi too, wants to export democracy 
  Healing Iraq From the horses mouth...
"I have mixed feelings myself. The fact that he is the first American president to set foot on Iraqi soil is a huge event in itself, and a three hour visit to Baghdad Airport definitely wouldn't be the same as a tour in the country and most importantly meeting Iraqi citizens, Iraqis who would be grateful for this visit. But I understand the security considerations and this gesture alone would be sufficient to send a message to whoever it may concern that Iraq is safe enough for an American president to visit. To tell the truth I'm still shocked to this moment that he took the risk to come here. I used to like him before, but now I admire the guy."

Healing Iraq 
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